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Angels with us

“Angels help you and me find the way, or gain the strength, or learn the patience, or find the courage to do what needs to be done.” Robert Kirven

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An angel is an inhabitant of heaven who once lived in this world. Angels were not created separately. There is no mention of them in the story of creation where God created the moon and stars, the land and sea, … Continue reading

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Make plans

Everyone who has lost a spouse knows about the dreaded anniversaries and special days. Anticipating birthdays, your wedding day, Christmas, etc. can be upsetting. These days put an exclamation point on the everyday ways you miss his or her presence. … Continue reading

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From a sermon

By Rev. Andy Dibb “Death, is a natural conclusion to our life in this world, and it introduces us into spiritual life. The only reason it seems that our bodies live is because the spirit lives within them. Our spirit … Continue reading

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Helen Keller

I have chosen words from Helen Keller for this Sunday morning. “I know there are two worlds – one we can measure with line and rule, and the other we can feel with our hearts and intuition.” This is from … Continue reading

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Perfect Spouse

Genevive Davis Grisham, in her book “Widow to Widow” says this, “To a fault, widows raise their spouses to sainthood.” She says that as time passes their husbands’ annoying habits and other imperfections become a blur and conflicts and discords … Continue reading

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Consider this

Almost every grief book I’ve read deals with the subject of being hurt by the words and actions of others while grieving. A lot is said about the “How are you?” question. There is often the temptation to answer this … Continue reading

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“When someone dies, you don’t get over it by forgetting, you get over it by remembering…” Leslie Silko

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Roller coaster

Awhile after my husband died I wrote a poem for my children about his final 23 days on earth. His belief in the afterlife was strong, and he had several spiritual experiences of this reality during those days. Intensive care … Continue reading

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Say a prayer

“If you can’t pray as you want to, pray as you can. God knows what you mean.” Vance Havner

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