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Wishing you peace

May you feel him or her with you this Christmas. Not only in memories but because the spirit of your spouse is part of who you are.

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Light a candle

“In this season of light, remember the light your loved one has brought to your life. Light a special candle – not in memory of a death, but in celebration of a life and a love shared.”  Darcie Sims

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More suggestions

Either for yourself or for others you can have small pillows made from your spouses  t-shirts, scarves or other clothing. Different sized pillows for covering can be found at any fabric store, if you are able to do the sewing … Continue reading

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Anticipating Christmas without your husband or wife can be very painful and upsetting.  It can help if instead of just dreading it, you make some plans.  Do not feel obligated to send cards, make the dinner, or other things you’ve … Continue reading

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