A Deeper Love

The following was written by Don Fitzpatrick, a devoted husband and valuable member of our widow/widowers group. It was written on Christmas day in 2005 – three years and one day after his wife died.  I thank him for sharing this and I will be posting more from him in the future.

A Deeper Love

To some people it may sound strange, but I believe it is possible for love between married partners to deepen after one of them has gone to the spiritual world. I say this because for me and for others left in this world, the love we feel cannot be described in the ways love between married people together in this world sometimes is.

Most of us can remember the feelings we had when we first fell in love and after we were married. We can remember that at times we were almost dizzy with joy simply being with the ones we loved. At other times we seemed to be freed from earthly cares and capable of seeing things in new and different ways. And at still other times we seemed to be so warmly wrapped in our partner’s love that we felt completely safe and protected.

But for me now that  Anne is no longer here, none of these feelings is present. Instead I find that all I can say now is that she is part of me and so deeply and firmly a part that she is always here, and I can find no words to explain what that is like.

I’m sure no widow or widower wants to wish that other people experience the loss of a husband or wife, but for those who must it should be comforting to know that love does not die or stop growing. It simply deepens and becomes more firmly established as time passes.

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