A gift

A friend gave me this card today

“I’m There Inside Your Heart”

“Right now I’m in a different place

And though we seem apart,

I’m closer than I ever was…

I’m there inside your heart.

I’m with you when you greet each day

And while the sun shines bright,

I’m there to share the sunsets too…

I’m with you every night.

I’m with you when the times are good,

To share a laugh or two,

And if a tear should start to fall….

I’ll still be there for you.

And when that day arrives

That we no longer are apart,

I’ll smile and hold you close to me….

Forever in my heart.”

My reactions to this are mixed

It is nice (and I believe true) that he is in my heart, but I want him in my arms. Having just turned eighty four, I know it won’t be too long until that will also be true.

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