About This Site

  1. I write this from the perspective of my beliefs in the teachings of the New Church (Swedenborgian). This website is primarily for those widows and widowers who anticipate a reunion with their married partners in the next life. “Until death do us part” is not part of the our marriage ceremony. But I know it is not only Swedenborgians who look forward to being reunited with their married partners in the life to come.  Several years ago Parade Magazine featured a story by Mitch Albom about widows and widowers who believe their marriages have just begun.  Also in her book Messages, Bonnie McEneaney who became a widow on September 11, 2001, writes “…loved ones who pass on remain with us, simply in a different form.” She tells stories of people who lost loved ones this terrible day who know they are still linked to those who died. Alan Wolfelt, author, educator and grief counselor. has this to say on the subject “Most mourners I’ve talked to – and that number runs into the tens of thousands – are comforted by a belief or a hope that somehow, somewhere, their loved one lives on in health and happiness.”
Those deeply in love seem to know instinctively that when the body dies, the person lives on and is still part of those left behind. They not only hope, but expect to be reunited in the next life.
One reason I started this website is because my search on line for material for widows and widowers turned up only  three categories. Most were dating services or tips on how to find a new spouse. The others provide grief support and information regarding widow benefits and social security. These are useful, but I didn’t find anything for those who still feel married and expect to be reunited in the next life.  I am not opposed to remarrying, but want to support those who do not choose to do so. Go to “remarriage” in the search box for a posting on this subject.

I am eighty years old and challenged by modern technology, but I want to give this a try.

Many of  my references and quotes will be from the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Most often from these books –

HH = Heaven and Hell – DP = Divine Providence – CL = Conjugial Love – AC = Arcana Coelestia (Heavenly Secrets

This website is for widows and widowers who know in their hearts that they are still connected to their spouses and will one day see them again. It was started as an offshoot of a special widow/widowers group focusing on the idea of a relationship that can continue in the afterlife.This is not a substitute for the very valuable grief support groups offered at hospitals and churches. Believing in an afterlife where you will be reunited with those you love, does not eliminate the pain of separation or the need to grieve. The hope is that this will reach and encourage widows and widowers who know love doesn’t die when the body does. Also that it is possible to continue to work on a loving relationship when you are physically separated but together in spirit.

I don’t know if my husband is my eternal partner. I know I love him. I know I’m a different and better person because I was married to him. I know I feel him to be part of me and I know I can hardly wait to be with him again. I live my life as his wife knowing that we will be reunited and with the Lord’s help learn the depths and future of our love. I know the Lord wants eternal happiness for us both and will guide us in His way.