My favorite of the many ADC (After Death Communication) books is by Vera Glenn and is called “A Dove at the Window”. This book is a collection of personal stories by people who have been comforted by feeling, seeing or hearing a deceased loved one.  Most of these occurred  in powerful dreams. The first book I read on the subject was “Hello From Heaven” by Bill & Judy Guggenheim. The message of both books is the assurance that loved ones are alive, well and happy in another world.

Of course everyone longs for such an experience themselves. Vera believes they are given to people that need them for some purpose. I agree, even though we might all think we need them. Of course we all long for them, but they are comparatively rare like rainbows and shooting stars.

From Vera’s book;

“One of the most important things that Swedenborg tells us is that we live in two worlds at the same time, although we are mostly unconscious of the world where our spirit dwells. A living dream or a vision is a moment of consciousness of the spiritual world. For a very brief period we look through the window to see into that realm which is as real – no, more real than the natural world.”

Even if we don’t have these vivid experiences ourselves, we can be uplifted by the stories of those who do. I also believe most of us have felt ways our loved ones reveal their presence to us in less dramatic ways.

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