An angel is an inhabitant of heaven who once lived in this world. Angels were not created separately. There is no mention of them in the story of creation where God created the moon and stars, the land and sea, the plants and animals and man and woman. Angels seem pretty important to have been left out of this list, but they are not left out because men and women are born to become angels.

When people describe others as angels, they are speaking of the best qualities in human beings. This is accurate, because an angel of heaven is just that; a human being who has tried throughout life on earth to be a good person and put away what is evil. Though we are not perfect when we die, we have chosen our home in heaven or hell and will be further prepared for this in the first stages of life after death.

The life of angels has nothing to do with clouds and harps – even though there are beautiful skies and music is an important part of heavenly life. The life of angels is a busy satisfying life, each applying their particular loves and talents to making others happy. On earth we get a small taste of heavenly joy when we are able to contribute to the happiness  of those we love. Heaven is a kingdom of useful activity where all serve each other in harmony.

All people, of whatever religion, are created to live happily forever as angels of heaven. So don’t think of your spouse as just being with the angels, but becoming one of them.

“No angel or spirit was created directly, but they were all born people first and in this way introduced into interior and higher things.” Swedenborg


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