Coming Home

For those of you who are new to Swedenborg, I recommend the book “Window to Eternity” by Bruce Henderson. Here are excerpts from the closing chapter called “Coming Home.”

“Why was Swedenborg permitted to describe heaven and hell in such detail? It was not just to serve our curiosity, but to add meaning and purpose to our lives.”

“A sure faith in life after death adds meaning to marriage, to work, to death, and many of the things in life we cannot understand. Without the faith we may grope for meaning.

Swedenborg’s mission was to make heaven and hell real to us. We are able to see them not only as real after death, but as a real part of this life. We feel the influence of each and make our choice for one or the other through our lives.”

And his final words;

“The more real life after death is to you, the more the grave becomes a doorway to a great adventure, not something closed and cold and final which you dread. That is the faith that gives purpose to death and meaning to life.”

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