Don’t worry

Our last widow/widowers gathering was fascinating. Rev. Tom Rose spoke to us about “Peaceful Passings”. Tom is a New Church minister but also served as an emergency responder for many years. He talked about the altered states of mind people seem to enter when they are in the process of dying. That whatever the circumstances of death, there is strong evidence the person experiences peace and calm. His many experiences confirm New Church teachings of the Lord’s mercy and the peace of waking in the next world. Loved ones may worry needlessly about pain and suffering that wasn’t consciously experienced by the victims. It was reassuring to hear his accounts of survivors of trauma having no memory of the fall, the explosion or even the heart attack. If there was some memory of pain, it was brief and replaced by tranquility. As we grieve the passing of someone we love, we can let go of the part that worries us about their last minutes. This includes regrets of things said or not said. He or she is now in a wonderful new world where trivial memories are gone and love and perspective are enhanced.

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