His or Her Photo

A photo is usually looked at – seldom looked into.” Ansel Adams

Mr. Adams was most likely talking about his remarkable photographs of nature. This is also true of photographs of people. We display them in our homes so others can “look at them”.When we look at them we are also able to “look into them”.  We all have favorite photos and what makes them special is much more than can be seen by the eye. To us they hold memories and feelings that aren’t visible to others. Photos we have displayed, after a time, can become static. I sometimes like to spend time with a familiar photo and review the things that make it special to me. This helps to make it become living again.

It may be a reminder of a special occasion, such as a wedding photo.

It may be a photo that captured his/her special smile, interests or qualities.

There are times photos can make us miss them more, but photos can also remind us to appreciate the life we shared and cherish the memories.

Also, any photos of our spouse with a child or grandchild can provide opportunities to talk with the child about their parent or grandparent. This can be a special time for sharing memories and feelings as well as passing on information.

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