Many widows and widowers have things they save and display that belonged to their spouses: Photos of course, but also clothing (favorite t-shirts make nice throw pillow covers – and they are huggable),  jewelry, including wedding rings on a chain around the neck or resized to be worn, his cane in it’s usual place, her scarf draped on the dresser and many other things. I want to tell you about a special keepsake made by a special woman.

There is a very talented woman in our widows/widowers group. She’s a quilter. I can’t imagine how many quilts she has made in her life or how many friends she has taught to quilt. She doesn’t teach others for profit, but just because she wants to share the joy she finds in producing these colorful, meaningful wall hangings and bed quilts. They are beautiful. She always brings her latest project to work on at our meetings. These are usually quilts for her grandchildren or great grandchildren. After her beloved husband died, she made a beautiful quilted wall hanging from his favorite ties. A wonderful keepsake of her dear husband!

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