Life After Death


This website presumes a belief in a God and in life after death. Some who feel uncertain about this might want to look at any of these books. Those with an * are about NDEs and ADCs (Near Death Experience and After Death Communication) Those with a + are  Swedenborgian books

* Raymond Moody Life After Life

* Kenneth Ring Life At Death

* Melvin Morse Closer to the Light

* Bill Guggenheim Hello From Heaven

* Bonnie McEneaney Messages

*+ Leon Rhodes Tunnel to Eternity

+ Emanuel Swedenborg Heaven and Hell

  • + Donald Rose Afterlife
  • + Robert Kirvin A Book About Dying
  • + Bruce Henderson Window to Eternity

Ganga Stone Let’s Start the Conversation

Judy Voss Dying With Joy & Sorrow

From a pamphlet  called “Marriage Can Be Everlasting.”

Love is Eternal

One unique teaching of the New Church is that marriages can last forever. This teaching may seem to contradict Matthew 22:30 “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage…”

Jesus knew that people in the New Testament times had a very limited idea of marriage. He was replying in context to a question about a specific practice in which “marrying and being given in marriage” referred to a contractual and practical agreement, not to the beginning of a spiritual relationship. In ancient times women were possessions and frequently had little to say about whom they married. Marriages were not based on the free consent of two equal partners to build a useful life together. In context Jesus was telling people that marriages are different in heaven.