Christmas is about miracles. The miracle of the Lord’s birth into the world of humans and the miracle of His love continuing to pour down in such a variety of ways. The season brings to focus the better part of people including ourselves. For a time we get a small taste of what the world could be if we did unto others as we would have them do to us. Not as a repayment but as a formula for living. Imagine what the world could be! This Christmas in each of our own small worlds we have something to give. If we’re hurting we have insight into ways we might comfort others. If we are lonely we can reach out to others who are alone. If we are misunderstood we can try better to understand others. If we are blessed with family and friends we can tell them so. My heart goes out to those of you recently bereaved. Some suffering is necessary and appropriate. Grief however, is sometimes prolonged as we tend to feel that we must suffer to prove our love or even experience guilt if we feel happy. Imagine what your spouse would wish for you this Christmas. We can all show our love to them in gratitude as well as sorrow.

Wishing you miracles this Christmas.

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