I love this thought

“Our loved ones remain with us. They do not just go off to some dark and distant place. They simply continue into eternal life.  We do not see them because we are still in the darkness of this world. But their spiritual eyes, filled with the light of heaven, are always watching us as they wait for the day when we will share their perfect joy. We are born for heaven and we end this life of tears to begin our life of endless happiness, … We human beings are spirits enveloped in bodies, and both these facets of our human nature are essential to our humanity.”

From “A Book About Dying” by Robert Kirven

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To my valentine

Another  Valentine’s day without being able to hold you in my arms.  I long for the day when we can be fully together again. I experience ups and downs just as in every phase of marriage, and yet I find each year to be a little easier. This is not because I’m forgetting, but because I’m remembering our love and looking back with a smile. Knowing that the love we share can’t die sustains me. As my earthly body ages, each day is no longer another day since you left, but a day closer to when we will be reunited.

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To your valentine

This might be something you’d like to say

“Don’t forget that I love you, that I’m thinking of you, and that I’m counting every minute until we”re together again.” L. Elrod

Don’t forget he/she loves you and is thinking of you and looking forward to when you are completely together again.

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Author unknown


Life is but a stopping place,

A pause in what’s to be,

A resting place along the road,

To sweet eternity.

We all have different journeys,

Different paths along the way,

We all were meant to learn some things,

But never meant to stay.

Our destination is a place

Far greater than we know.

For some the journey’s quicker,

For some the journey’s slow.

And when the journey finally ends,

We’ll claim a great reward,

And find an everlasting peace,

Together with the Lord.


Also together with those we love.

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I thought you were gone

I was sad because I’d never hear your voice again
Then realized words you once spoke are forever with me
I can’t reach out to touch a hand that’s not there
But I am touched by and still feel your spirit
I longed to see you, not just your photos
I looked at our son and there was your smile
You are not gone – we are part of each other
I know God has plans for our future together

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Where is he?

His chair remains empty,

His laugh can’t be heard.

To all of my questions,

He says not a word.

I need him to hold me,

I long to hold him.

My arms are still empty,

The outlook seems grim.

When long days are bleak

And lonely the nights

How can I see him?

He’s out of my sight

Although it is broken,

My heart holds the key.

My love still can see him.

He’s right here in me.

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A letter from your spouse

My Love,

Don’t grieve for me. Bodies die but love does not. We all must live in an earthly body for a time, but this part of my life is over and real life is opening before me. I know that you miss my earthly presence, but be comforted by the knowledge that you are still part of my life because our spirits are stil joined. I am not gone, but continue to dwell with you.

We are both being tenderly held by God, who understands our pain and will use our suffering as well as our achievements in marvelous ways that will contribute to our heavenly happiness.

The difficulties surrounding my leaving the natural world are now of no concern to me as I understand the bigger picture. Forgive me for my imperfections and mistakes. We both have regrets, but here things that once seemed important are put into perspective. As I see life more clearly in the light of eternity, my memory of upsets of life in the world dim and disappear while the true essence of our relationship grows stronger.

When you come over to the real world we will be reunited completely. Our love will then be unencumbered by earthly illness or concerns. Bodies suffer from aging and illness, but the spirit endures. You are not your body, nor was I. I am now in a world where my body is a true reflection of my spirit. The body I now live in is strong and young, free from afflictions and limitations of the natural body I left behind. Though we can’t touch physically, I continue to be touched by your love and the beauty of your soul.

Time on earth seems to go slowly, but in reality it is only a short time until you will join me. The beauty of the world I now live is beyond what you can imagine. Your tears of  sadness will instead be tears of joy when I welcome you here.

Peace be with you until then.

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How true

“The presence of that absence is everywhere.” Edna St. Vincent Millay

All the moments and places he or she should be with you this Christmas are filled with “that absence.” Look also for his or her presence, and know the love isn’t gone.

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An Irish headstone

“Death leaves a heartache

no one can heal,

love leaves a memory

no one can steal.

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It occurred to me that my last post might not be comforting, as intended. Rather than my deleting it, let me explain. I believe the reality of our being spiritual beings, who for a time live in natural bodies, can help us to understand that we are not completely separated from our partners. Our spirits – our love for one another continues. Maybe my last post would just make us want to join them now. No, we are still here for purposes that will contribute to even greater possibilities for our happiness together. It’s difficult to feel or understand this when we long to be with them, but I believe they understand and experience this. They are with us and a part of us in ways that we can’t fully appreciate.

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