Who that has lost a married partner to death has not had regrets about things that he or she did or failed to do while that partner was still here? Maybe we realize now that we did not say “I love you” as often as we should have. Maybe we wish we had been able to break the bad habits that upset our partners. Maybe we wish we had paid more attention to the things our partners would rather have done for entertainment or on vacation.

Whatever the regrets may be, we know that we can’t go back in time and do things differently.

And we may allow ourselves to become depressed and even condemn ourselves as no longer worthy of our partners’ love. Maybe all of us have done that

But there is something else we can do, something positive. We can recognize that we can change how we will behave from now on. We can work on being more thoughtful of others. We can work to put away bad habits. We can make sure we are not trying to have our own way when decisions have to be made.

Isn’t it possible that the reason the Lord has left us here is so that we will have time to change the things we need to change to make ourselves more worthy of our partners’ love when we join them?

Don Fitzpatrick

Thank you, Don.

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