Some ideas


As a family, place a special wreath or greens on the grave.

On Christmas day light a special candle to represent the memory of him or her.

Plant a live tree in your spouse’s memory that you can decorate each year.

Buy a gift that he or she would have liked. If appropriate, use it yourself. If not donate it to a charity.

If you hang stockings, hang one for your spouse  and invite family members to put in notes to or about him or her.

Donate to the church or a charity in your spouse’s memory.

Have photos framed for your children. If possible choose one of the deceased parent and child together.

Give copies of a photo that is special to you with a note of why it is special.

Write a special prayer or table blessing and put it on a card at each place for your holiday dinner.

If you have something you would have asked your spouse for as a Christmas gift – buy it as a gift from him or her.

Purchase distinctive ornaments for family members that they can display every year in his or her memory.

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