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There is not any evidence against the afterlife, although people argue against the positive evidence often saying there is not enough proof. By saying there is not enough proof points to the fact that proof does exist. So life after death cannot be disproven but the evidence for it must be looked at carefully.

Religion has given us many teachings and messages that there is life after death and our souls go there when we die. In fact the afterlife is often seen as the main reason for existence. The life on earth, in most religions, is just a temporary phase. These messengers and religions cannot be dismissed as evidence for the existence of an afterlife. For most people, just one religion is all the proof they need to believe in an afterlife, but their belief is backed up by all the other religions with similar beliefs. These ideas and teachings did not come from nowhere. They come from a shared understanding of the truth of existence. If only one religion taught of life after death, then it could be dismissed. But the fact is it is a common and major part of most religions. Is it possible that they could all be wrong? To come to the conclusion there is no afterlife then every single one of the sources of evidence would have to be disproved. This has not been successfully done.

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