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Grief guilt

Too many suffer from adding guilt to their grief. One area where this is true is with those who feel they’ve let God and/or their partner down or who question their own faith. They may feel that if they really … Continue reading

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God & the devil

Words of a rescued miner “I was with God and I was with the devil. They fought over me, and God won.” There is no way we can relate to the challenges these miners faced. We can however, relate to being … Continue reading

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Up from grief

The following are two excerpts from an article called The Journey of Grief, by Rev. Clark Echols, in issue 2 of this years Connections magazine. Read more on www.newchurchconnection.org Words of encouragement “Your experience of grief will be unique, even though … Continue reading

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So sudden!

The shock of sudden and unexpected death to those left behind, is to God part of an orderly progression.

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Marriage and resurrection

The following teachings are frequently part of the New Church wedding ceremony. “When married partners love each other tenderly, they think of eternity in regard to the marriage covenant, and not at all of its being terminated by death.” “People … Continue reading

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