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Guilt is appropriate when we intended harm. When we know something to be wrong and hurtful, and still choose to go ahead and deliberately inflict this pain on another person. By this measure God does not hold us guilty (nor … Continue reading

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“We are in equilibrium and in freedom to accept good and its truth from heaven or evil and its falsity from hell.” Swedenborg This to me, is one of the most helpful teachings of the New Church. To know that … Continue reading

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Fears and doubts can attack us all. Those who choose to marry again may feel guilty or confused. Those who feel they have already married their eternal partner can also suffer times of regret and uncertainty. Those who marry again … Continue reading

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Who that has lost a married partner to death has not had regrets about things that he or she did or failed to do while that partner was still here? Maybe we realize now that we did not say “I … Continue reading

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