The New Church

The New Church, also known as Swedenborgian, is founded on the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

Some basic teachings of the New Church include

* There is one God who came into the world as Jesus Christ.

* The deeper meanings of  the Old and New Testaments  are revealed through the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Every story in the Word has meaning in the lives we live today.

* People of all religions can be saved if they live a life that looks to God and do their best to  follow His command to love Him and to love the neighbor. The neighbor is defined as the good in each person.

* Each of us continues life as a complete person after death. We do not earn Heaven , nor are we cast into Hell. We choose our eternal home by the choices we make while living in this world. Those who live a good life by shunning what is against God and the neighbor choose the life of Heaven. Those who put their own desires above others and live a life of selfishness at the expense of others choose the life of Hell.

* True marriage is an eternal union.


I will sometimes be using abbreviations when I quote from Swedenborg’s theological Writings. (Often referred to as “The Writings”) There are 33 volumes, but for the most part I will be using the following.

AC – Arcana Coelestia or Heavenly Secrets

HH = Heaven and Hell

DP = Divine Providence

DLW = Divine Love and Wisdom

CL = Conjugial Love or Married Love



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