Travel plans

Part 1 of 4

I recently heard of a woman who likes to visit her daughter in Canada. Being older, some of the logistics of the trip have become more difficult for her. She has found a way to deal with the burden of carrying and keeping track of luggage and avoiding the scanning or possible searching of her suitcases (which might contain fingernail scissors). When she plans a visit, she packs, not in a suitcase, but in a box which she sends by UPS to her daughter’s home. When she arrives she finds her clothes hung in the closet and her other belongings already in dresser drawers. After she leaves, her loving daughter washes the clothes she used, repacks and ships everything back to her Mom. What a wonderful idea.

When we take our future trip to the spiritual world, we will not need to pack anything. When we arrive we will find everything we need is provided for us. Not only clothing but a welcoming party and loving guides who help us to adjust and find our way. Our spouses have already experienced this. When the time comes, we will too, but in our case, our husbands and wives will be part of the welcoming party.

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