Travel plans #4

Travel plans – part 4 of 4

How we prepare for a trip depends on where we are going and who will be there. This is partly what our monthly widow/widowers gatherings are about.

Joyce Rupp in her book Praying Our Goodbyes suggests that we think about what we might pack in our “suitcases of life”. To think about what essentials are needed for life’s journey. This might be an especially useful exercise for those of us who are widowed. The things to pack in this case have nothing to do with  suitable clothing, grooming needs or medications. At the top of the list she put courage. Other possibilities that occurred to me included compassion, patience faith and hope. What are you packing? Also, what “baggage” are you willing to get rid of now?

This exercise reminds me of the quote from my father’s letter when he was geographically separated from the woman he loved for the summer.

I feel as though it were a duty my love owes to you to have a good time and use this summer to the best advantage – to get all the good out of it that I may.”

He was preparing for his trip home and his reunion with her. Don’t we owe it to our spouses to use this time we are apart to the best advantage so we can bring more to them?

“Our greatest journey is our internal voyage.” Patrick Lindsay

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