What if …?

What if…

We are not conjugial partners?

He/she has found someone else in the spiritual world?

We are told in Swedenborg’s writings that married partners most commonly meet after death where they are able to examine the quality of their love and whether they will continue their lives together.  If not, and if they are both looking to genuine marriage love, they are led to their true partners. True marriage is an interior joining of common loves and inclinations where each wants the very best for the other. “To feel the joy of another as the joy in oneself, that is loving.” It is interesting that the teachings about conjugial love include this: That it is possible that one person in a marriage can be in conjugial love, even while the other is not. It is our own personal efforts to regenerate that make up the essential ingredients of a good marriage. To me this indicates that all who desire an eternal marriage are preparing for it by the way they live now – widowed, married, remarried or single.

I believe we have nothing to fear. If we sincerely do our part, the Lord will take care of us and our partners and lead us to a happy everlasting marriage.

“In the spiritual world couples put off their externals and come into their internals where they perceive the quality of their love.” CL 48

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